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elcome! For numerous years we have provided our clients in Malalysia with quality A/C works. Our broad range of jobs include emergency and maintenance solution for both residences and businesses. Our highly-skilled engineers and technicians carry out services such as installation, repair and maintenance work for clients from large corporations to residences. All of our team members have professional accreditation for performing these tasks.

Clients are provided with competitive rates from us. We are constantly improving our offerings such as maintenance, repair and chemical cleaning, to deliver our services in an even better way.

Email us or call our office, so we can get an affordable price deal set up that will fit your needs and budget..

Our Scope of Works


Coil chemical and condenser washing


Standard check-up & Cleaning for condensers and coils


Inspecting, cleaning, maintaining and repairing


Overhauling and/or installation work

Quick Facts About Us


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When to Call us?

Our staff receives calls from customers on a regular basis. Based on the calls we get, the emergencies that are most common relate to air conditioners completely breaking down. According to ACCA, you can avoid those kinds of problems very easily as long as you have regular maintenance and check-ups done. Make sure you know what signs to look for in the event you have an emergency arise.

Also look for signs such as reduced airflow, odd smells and issues with the machine's indicator lights. Our technicians can solve any problems you are having with your air conditioning system and get running properly once again.

Our Checklist of To-do

  • Filter and panel inspections for damages
  • Deodorization and filter cleaning
  • Inspection and cleaning of drain tray and evaporator coil
  • Vacuum cleaning the drainage
  • Brush cleaning and inspecting the condenser coil for leak holes
  • Lubrication work and check-up for the fan bear
  • Dischargingcompressor pressure
  • Fixing electric connections
  • Check gas and top-up

Why Select Us

We provide all of our clients with quality air-conditioner service solutions. Give us a call if you would like to receive high quality and affordable air-conditioning service to cool your home, office or other space properly. If you still aren't sure, read the following reasons why we're the best company to hire.

8 years of expertise in delivering high quality air-conditioning works to our clients

Well-trained professional technicians, engineers and AC operators

All-in-one package which include all the works we provide

Affordable service rates.

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